A collective initiated in 2023 by artists Gaby David and Maximiliano Battaglia, two Uruguayan immigrants based in Paris. Having lived in several countries, the collective draws from their diasporic experiences to sensitively deal with the urban present. 

gaby and maximiliano sharing a mate / film still taken from Le Bal du Château Rouge (2024) 

Gaby is a multifaceted artist, researcher, and educator. She holds a PhD from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) and an MFA from Université Paris 8. She serves as a Research Associate at the IRCAV, Institute for Film and Audiovisual Research, Sorbonne Nouvelle, is affiliated with Transferts critiques anglophones, Paris 8, and also the National Agency for Research and Innovation, Uruguay (ANII). Board member of the International Visual Sociology Association, which in 2016 awarded her doctoral thesis, Gaby actively participates in international conferences and regularly publishes academic work.

Maximiliano is a filmmaker, photographer, and educator with an MFA in Photography and Image-Making, from the Paris College of Art (PCA). His video work has been selected for film festivals such as Beijing Indie Short Film Festival, Cambodia International Film Festival, Dance Made in Canada Festival, and Dock of the Bay Music Documentary Film Festival, among others.

They are both adjunct faculty at PCA. Together they research, film, photograph, record, perform, question, and engage with cultural and social phenomena.

*The expression “abrazo de gol” in Spanish, refers to a specific type of hug, usually given when goals are scored in football either between players or supporters. An abrazo de gol is a pure and emotional reaction to convey joy, support, commitment, respect, loyalty, and shared affection.